We are a collection of Jesus followers marked by His love with a passion to see it transform our communities.

About us

Our Values

At Amplified we are all about loving God and people well. We believe that Jesus' death and resurrection provided salvation and benefits to all who place their trust in Christ alone for salvation. We know that any life can be transformed through the work of Christ and we desire for our city to encounter the life that comes through His Spirit. We believe all Christians have a mandate to live missional lives but we understand that we need the power of the Holy Spirit to be able to exemplify God's kingdom and accomplish the mission we are called to live out.

  • We honour the Bible
  • We believe in the Trinity
  • We believe all believers receive new life through Jesus' death and resurrection
  • We know by faith and experience that the Holy Spirit is active and present in today's world
  • We believe that we are all commisioned by Christ to preach the gospel and serve our fellow man

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We are able to do what we do because of your contributions. Thank you so much for sowing into what God is doing here at Amplified!


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